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Certification Begins 6/28/2021

2022 Certification Guide

UnitedHealthcare Certification Website

2021 UnitedHealthcare Expansion Counties

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2021 UnitedHealthcare First Look

Certification Begins 6/21/2021

2022 Certification Guide

​​Mutual of Omaha certification on SPA

2020 Mutual of Omaha PDP First Look

Certification 2022

​​You will receive an email from ElixirAgentSupport that contains a link for you to recertify. It will include a Service Only Contract indicating your agreement to continue servicing members you enrolled and who remain in our plan. 

EnvisionRx Cerification Guide 2022

EnvisionRx Contract Termination

EnvisionRx Contract Termination FAQ

Certification Begins 7/7/2021

Annual certification training will be completed through Centene for Wellcare and all Centene products

2022 Certification Guide

Centene Certification Website

Centene Certification Video

How to reset your password

2022 Centene First Look

Certification begins 6/29/2021

Certification for both Aetna MA/MAPD and SilverScript PDP in through Aetna Certification

2022 Certification Guide

Certification through Aetna Produce World

2021 Aetna/SilverScript First Look

Certification Begins 7/22/2021

Independence BC will send you an email to certify for 2022.

Certification Website

2020 Independence BC First Look

Certification Begins August 1st

Certification Website