​To be eligible to market Medicare Advantage you must be certified and pass the test each year. In addition each carrier will required specific certification for thier MA products. AHIP meets CMS requirments and can be used for all carriers.

AHIP 2021 Certification Live 6/22/20 

AHIP Website: http://www.ahipmedicaretraining.com/

AHIP Online User Guide: AHIP Certification User Guide

AHIP​ Medicare FAQ's: AHIP Medicare FAQ's

AHIP Certification: Returning Agents


Please complete required modules in order to access and complete the Final Exam.

AHIP's Medicare Fraud, Waste and Abuse Training component requires successful completion of AHIP's Medicare Training Final Exam. Once the Final Exam has been satisfied, access to the Fraud, Waste and Abuse training will be made available.

The AHIP Medicare Training Certification is capable of being shared amongst numerous health plans.

Please be sure to contact your intended health plan to determine the most appropriate method for transmitting your results.

Certain health plans may also have additional requirements or limitations in place, as such we strongly recommend talking to your health plans prior to proceeding with your training.


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AHIP Medicare Training (Recertification)

  • Part 1 - Overview of Medicare Program Basics: Choices, Eligibility, and Benefits
  • Part 2 - Medicare Health Plans
  • Part 3 - Medicare Part D: Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Part 4 - Marketing Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans
  • Part 5 - Enrollment Guidance Medicare Advantage and Part D Plans
  • Final Exam – Must pass courses of Part 4 & Part 5

 AHIP Fraud, Waste & Abuse Training - Must pass AHIP Medicare Learning Plan

  • Fraud, Waste, and Abuse – Must pass AHIP Medicare Learning Plan
  • General Compliance

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