Direct mail leads for T-65 and other ages with prospect lists that are targeted for you to reach the right prospects. Find your prospect based on location, age, income and more.

Sales Leads, Mailing Lists & Email Lists. ​ Free Contact Manager CRM101. Consumer Databases

Predictive Dialer, Sales Dialer. No contract, pay by the hour or monthly fee. Sales Dialers or Mojo. Calls 200 plus leads in hour and transfers the live calls to set appointments

Personal letter from you that you mail yourself to prospects. The suggested method is to mail the personal letter and if the prospect is not on the DNCL to call them after the letter is sent. 

Sales leads, List of consumer data for T-65 or my demographics

Mail drop leads for Turning 65, Leads for replacement, Combination leads for Medicare Supplements and Life

Mail drop leads for Turning 65 and Comparison Medicare Supplement Schedule. Senior list.

Leads that are in an Excel spreadsheet of names, phone numbers, addresses, income brackets, ages, etc. Quantity varies by the area selected. Select T-65 or over 65 with phone numbers that are not on the DNCL

Solutions for Seniors 

Contact us  727-397-1850

Get Free Leads. $4,000 in Final Expense Monthly Production will give you a 1,000 Piece Lead Drop. 

  • Agents who submit $4,000 in annualized monthly production will receive a 1,000 piece lead drop
  • Lead incentive credit must be used (ordered) within 60 days after the end of the award month
  • Call Oxford Life for more information at 888-581-5222

AEP Letters

Get your customized T-65 Door Hangers. When calling on homes of people Turning 65 and they are not home why not leave your customized door hanger to have the prospect give you a call back. This is a marketing door hanger and not just a missed you door hanger. Click here for ordering instructions

Earn Free Leads with Cigna's Individual Whole Life - Click here for full details

Here's an opportunity for agents to earn free leads every month by selling Cigna Individual Whole Life (final expense) insurance, insured by Loyal American Life Insurance Company – with no end in sight.

  • Qualify with $3,000 in issued annualized premium per month of final expense
  • Earn 1,000 lead mailers. Earn lead mailers every month.

Letters to mail to your client to review you Medicare plans for the coming year.

​Pharmacy Flyer for PDP Plans

Oxford Life Leads

Leads that are in an Excel spreadsheet of names, phone numbers, addresses, income brackets, ages, etc. Quantity is usually very large. Select T-65 that are on the DNCL that you can not call but can door knock and leave a door hanger. These leads can not be called and will violate the Federal Do Not Call List.

Leads are the life blood of the business of selling insurance. Our company takes pride in offering this service to our independent agents who are contracted with us and continue to produce, so that they can start right away seeing customers continuously throughout the day and maximize their income. In addition to these, many carriers, Mutual of Omaha, United HealthCare (AARP) and most other companies have specific leads for their products. 

Sales Dialers        Mojo     Power/Predictive Sales Dialers