Solutions for Seniors 

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Please send our Marketing Consultant, Barbra Wilson, an email with your contact information in the form below. Once your information is submitted to Barbra you will need to sign up on AccuLeads at

IMPORTANT: When registering for the AccuLeads please check "New User at Existing Company already using AccuLeads". In the company name please list Senior Health Solutions. This will get you our discounted rate.

Once Barbra knows that you signed up, she can have you assigned to her and change your pricing to Senior Health Solutions discount. You will have a minimum order at $35 for new users.  

Sales Leads for Consumers


  • 4 Different Data Bases to Select 


  •  Files Updated Monthly

  • List completed from 100 Different Sources

  • Demographic - Age - Income - County - City - Zip & Several Others Criteria.

S​enior Health Solutions

Has negotiated a special program for our agents.

$30 per 1000 Leads or 3 cents per lead

$35 Minimum Order Amount

Pay Only for Leads Downloaded