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Our Annual Certification Training (ACT) is set to release July 9th, 2019

America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP)

AHIP is releasing their 2019 Medicare Advantage and fraud, waste and abuse training on Monday, June 17th. 
Get started early AND with a discount! WellCare offers a $50 discount if completed via the WellCare/AHIP co-branded link:

Note: WellCare will not reimburse money paid towards training.

As a reminder, AHIP is one of our annual training requirements, and the 2019 version will suffice to market/sell both 2018 and 2019 WellCare products.

Transmitting completed AHIP to WellCare is easy! Simply access your AHIP homepage and click Transmit next to WellCare (1099).

New agent with WellCare? You will need to use the WellCare/AHIP co-branded link to transmit your completed AHIP to WellCare University. Via the link, login to your AHIP account and complete the steps above. 

Annual Certification Training (ACT) – Launching Earlier Than Ever!
The training will provide:

1. Ease of accessing and completing
2. Content focused on key topics that set you up for success to market/sell WellCare and support your members
3. State specific product training on only states YOU market/sell in
4. 30 question Mastery Exam
5. PDF of the content with content search capability

Mini ACT for Returning Producers!
We are excited to announce the release of our “mini” ACT for all 1099 producers who completed 2019 annual training requirements! In an effort to support returning producer’s year-over-year, we have created a condensed version of ACT. 

IMPORTANT! Producers who are enrolled in Mini-ACT will be responsible for knowing all content within the standard ACT to apply to both the Mastery Exam at the end of this course and marketing/selling WellCare products. The PDF of the full ACT will be provided within the training.

New Producers! Mini-ACT will continue as a main part of annual certification training. Next year, you too will be enrolled in Mini-ACT!

​First time users transmitting AHIP to WellCare:

  1. Login to AHIP using the co-branded link:
  2. Access your profile
  3. Once in your profile, add either your National Producer Number (NPN) or WellCare University (LMS) ID to  Provide recognition for a successful transfer to WellCare University.

Note: Your LMS ID is the username you use to login to WellCare University, and is typically the first initial of your first name, your last name and the last four digits of your SSN. EX: JDoe0000 for John Doe ***-**-0000.

REMINDER: If the steps above are not followed, your completed AHIP WILL NOT successfully transfer to WellCare!

Producers who have previously transmitted AHIP to WellCare:

After you have successfully completed the AHIP training, your National Producer Number (NPN) will be recognized and a “Completion Transmission” page will display to confirm completion of the course and automatic submission to WellCare University

How to Access Annual Certification Training (ACT): 

Log in to WellCare university at

Remember​, the Wellcare certification is an open book test so be sure and download the PDF modules when they become available.

  • Your WellCare University ID is a combination of the first letter of your first name, your last name and the last four digits of your Social Security number, Example: jdoe1234
  • NOTE: remember to include any special characters in your name, such as the apostrophe in “O’Brian” or the hyphen in “Smith-Taylor,” as submitted in your contract information
  •  If you are logging in for the first time, use the default password, Master1 (case sensitive and you will be prompted to change your password. If the password is not changed, you will be locked out of the system and will have to contact Producer Services to have your account reset.

Part 1: Complete 2017 WellCare University Training

​2017 WellCare University Training includes the SM 2017 Mini-ACT 1099 Curriculum. The SM 2017 Mini-ACT 1099 Curriculum consists of six courses and a mastery exam. Producers MUST complete the training modules in the order listed below.

1. SM 2019 Welcome to Mini-ACT
2. SM 2019 ACT WellCare CCP Product and Benefit Changes
3. SM 2019 ACT WellCare PDP Product and Benefit Changes
4. SM 2019 ACT Medicare Member Communications
5. SM 2019 Mini-ACT Effective and Compliant Selling
6. SM 2019 Mini-ACT WellCare Member Enrollment
7. CP 2019 WellCare iCare Compliance Training on Fraud, Waste and Abuse and HIPAA for Sales
8. CP 2019 Cultural Competency for Sales
9. SM 2019 ACT Mastery Exam

Part 2: Complete and Submit AHIP Certification to WellCare
To access your AHIP training, click into the
AHIPsite and log in. 

WellCare will continue to offer a $50 discount for the 2019 AHIP Training. In order to receive the discounted rate from WellCare, producers must complete 2019 AHIP by accessing the co-branded link:

Producers who successfully complete AHIP will be recognized by their National Producer Number (NPN) and a Completion Transmission page will display to confirm completion of the course and automatic submission to WellCare University.

Upon successful completion of all training, your ‘training complete’ status will be sent to WellCare’s Producer Certifications team.