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SilverScript® Prescription Drug Plan

Overview of ready-to-sell requirements for 2020 SilverScript plans

Download the SilverScript information and requirement here

Want to sell 2020 SilverScript Prescription Drug Plans (PDP)?

Before selling 2020 SilverScript PDP, all agents, principals and payees must be “ready to sell.” To become ready to sell, you must be contracted, licensed in the applicable states, appointed by SilverScript in accordance with state law, and certified. As permitted in certain states, SilverScript will order appointments after the first sale. You can find details on requirements in your contract.

Step #1: Contract with Aetna -

(If you’re already contracted to sell Aetna MA/MAPD, you can skip this step. No additional action is required relating to your contract. You just need to complete steps 2-3.)

Step #2: Complete 2020 Silverscript certification

Step #3: Receive a Silverscript ready-to-sell notice

Contract with Aetna

Contracting is a requirement to be eligible for commissions on plans with effective dates of 1/1/2020 and later.

If you’re already contracted for Aetna MA/MAPD...
No additional action is required related to contracting.

If you have an active 2019 SilverScript contract...
Between mid-July and mid-August, you’ll automatically receive an email invitation to contract with Aetna. You’ll need to use the link in that email, and then follow prompts, to complete your contracting documents online.

If you’re a new agent (i.e., not contracted to sell Aetna MA/MAPD or SilverScript PDP)...
To start the contracting process, a recruiter needs to access the contracting section of Producer World and send you an onboarding invitation email. Next, you’ll need to use the link in that email, and then follow prompts, to complete your contracting documents online.

Complete 2020 Certification

After you contract with Aetna, it’s time to complete 2020 SilverScript certification.

1. Access the SilverScript Agent Portal.

2. Next, you’ll need to choose a new username and password for the SilverScript Agent Portal, and attest to the site attestation.

IMPORTANT: Even if you have an existing username and password for the SilverScript site, you must create a new sername/password through this process. Otherwise, you can’t access 2020 certification.

3. From the SilverScript Agent Portal homepage, click “Tools” and then “Training and Certification.”

4. Select “Launch Training.”

5. Next, you’ll need to complete each training module and pass the exams with a 90%.

Please note: There are separate certification processes for Aetna MA/MAPD and SilverScript PDP . Completing 2020 Aetna certification does not satisfy the certification requirement for SilverScript.

Ready to sell

Step #3: Receive a Silverscript ready-to-sell notice

Once you’re contracted and certified, if you’re a writing agent, you’ll receive a ready-to-sell email notification from us confirming that you’re ready to sell 2020 SilverScript PDP.

Resources to assist you

You can find everything you need to sell 2020 SilverScript plans on the SilverScript Agent Portal. Some of the key materials you’ll find on this site include:

- Product information
- Book-of-business reports
- Formulary tools
- Electronic enrollment application
- Electronic Scope of Appointment
- PDFs of enrollment kit materials
- Reference materials
- Drug prices
- Pharmacy locator and more

Enrollment kits

If you’re a ready-to-sell SilverScript agent, we’ll automatically mail you 10 SilverScript enrollment kits prior to October 1. Kits are delivered via UPS to the physical mailing address we have on file.

If you need to order more, Access the SilverScript Agent Portal. select “Resources” and then “Enrollment Kit Reorder.”


Have questions or need assistance?

Just contact the Aetna Medicare Broker Services Department. Representatives are now taking calls from and providing support for SilverScript producers, too. They can assist with questions about certification, contracting, and other topics.

Hours: Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. ET
Phone: 1-866-714-9301