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2019 Plan Year Training is Now Online     Click:

Plan Year 2019 annual certification is now open and available through the Portal. Simply change your Plan Year to 2019 at the left side of the screen and then click Tools - Training & Certification to get started. 

AHIP is not required by SilverScript, however you may submit your results to them and receive credit for the applicable courses.  

To submit your 2019 AHIP to SilverScript, please follow these steps:

Did you take AHIP or Pinpoint training?

Click the appropriate "Transfer Credits" button to have your AHIP or Pinpoint results automatically sent to SilverScript. Once you click the transfer button, click "Continue." It’s that simple!  The transfer credits are typically applied to your SilverScript profile the next business day.

If you’ve completed training through AHIP or Pinpoint, do not upload your certificate. Follow the AHIP or Pinpoint steps above to transfer your credits.Transfer My AHIP CreditsTransfer My Pinpoint Credits

How to Access the SilverScript Certification Curriculum

Launch Training to complete your SilverScript courses 
Keep in mind that you can download/open a PDF version of each training course for reference while you are taking the tests. Click on the Reference Material link under the Resources menu tab to view course PDFs.

SilverScript Certification - 2019 Compliance Course for Agents

SilverScript Certifications - 2019 Medicare Overview for Agents

SIlverScript Product and Process Course - 2019

2019 PDP Commissions Are at CMS Maximum Levels
CMS caps the amount plans can pay agents for new and renewing members. The good news is that CMS raised the limit for 2019 and SilverScript is happy to pay the maximum allowable commission for both new and renewal policies. We know that you work hard assisting your PDP clients. They appreciate all of your efforts and so do we. 

2019 Enrollment Kits - Supplies

In mid-September we are sending an initial supply of 10 enrollment kits to agents who have completed the 2019 certification training and therefore qualify to market SilverScript. The enrollment kits include:  A scope of appointment form, a 2019 plan guide booklet, a SilverScript product portfolio brochure, an enrollment application, the Summary of Benefits, the Star ratings sheet, a New Member Reference Guide, and an agent checklist. In addition, the initial supply will include one copy of the Choice PDP comprehensive formulary, one copy of the Plus/Allure PDP comprehensive formulary (these are for agent reference), and a car coach reference tool. Reorder instructions and UPS shipment tracking information are posted on the Agent Portal. Feel free to place advanced orders to help ensure you have enough materials for a productive AEP.

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