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Available Products

Medicare: Medicare Advantage & Prescription Drug Plan

Medicare: Medicare Supplement

Thank you for your interest in becoming an agent with Senior Health Solutions, an Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) for Humana Inc. 

You can be ready to start selling in a few simple steps

  1. Humana appointment
  2. AHIP Certification (If you are already AHIP certified you do not need to complete this step)
  3. Humana Certification


​The appointment process starts with completing the Humana contract and must be completed before any of the other requirements. This invitation will be sent to you by email. Once you have completed the contract Humana will send you your Humana ID number referred to as (SAN). 

On-Line Certification

​You must complete the Humana on-line certification once you have your SAN number. You will be sent instructions on how to complete the on-line certification.

Certification Class

If this is your 1st time contracting with Humana you will need to attend a certification school which is a full day of courses training you on Humana products in your area. You must complete the on-line training 1st to attend this class.

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