Central United Life has a Dental, Visions and Hearing plan that does not use the Usual and Customary Charges. This means that whatever the Dentist charges the plan will pay 60% 1st year, 70% 2nd year and 80% the 3rd year and thereafter. There are no Networks. See brochure below for more information. You can use the Annual Maximum for any of the benefits which include Dental Vision or Hearing. 

​Central United Life (CUL) is a Manhattan Insurances Group Company. There Dental, Vision & Hearing offers up to 6 months advance commission on all products, pays commission daily, issues business in 3-5 days on average and they have electronic application on all products! There are no Health Questions – Guarantee Issue, has Family Rates, Issue ages 18-75 and you have a choice of  $1,000 or $1,500 Annual Maximum.

With Central United Life you have the freedom to choose any Dentist as there are no networks and the plan pays claims on the actual dentist bill not on the usual and customary charge.

6 month advance commission, pays commission daily, issues business in 3-5 days on average

Electronic application

No health questions

Freedom to choose any Dentist. No networks

Issue age 18-75

Choose between $1,000 or $1,500 Annual Maximum

Guaranteed Issue

Increase percentages from 1st year 60% to 2nd year 70% to 3rd year 80%

Solutions for Seniors 

Contact us  727-397-1850

Below is your online link to contract with Central United Life for their Dental Vision & Hearing Plan. 

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If you would like advanced commissions, please fax or upload the below CUL Advance Commission Agreement Form to your online contract.

​​​Please have a PDF copy of your Resident License, E & O Certificate, and your Signed and completed Advance Commission Agreement to upload when completing your contract.

When you are in the process of completing your on-line contract it will ask you to upload your insurance license and your E & O certificate. At the same time you will need to upload the advance agreement signed by you.

Central United Life requires Errors & Omissions insurance on all agents. 

Please call or email with any questions.