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Critical Care

Critical illness insurance is a very simple product. Normally, you have a lump sum cash payment that's paid upon the occurrence or diagnosis of one of a number of specified diseases or conditions.Typically, there are five conditions that are covered. The first three of these—heart attack, cancer, and stroke are generally always in a critical illness policy. The latter two, kidney failure and major organtrans plant, are almost always there.

Cancer insurance is a benefit that will pay you money if and when you are diagnosed with cancer. The policies vary widely. Some policies will be pay a designated amount once you are diagnosed with cancer. This is to help defray costs such as missed work and out of pocket expenses. Other cancer insurance is supposed to cover the amount that your insurance would not cover. Cancer is an awful thing for anyone to have to deal with, and you can make the experience a bit easier by having the proper types of insurance coverage in place.